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Individual Record for: Rosamond DE CLIFFORD (female)

    Richard FITZPONS+
  Walter Fitzrichard I DE CLIFFORD      Family Record
Rosamond DE CLIFFORD      Family Record Maud Fitzwalter DE PITRES+
  Margaret DE TOENI      Family Record
    Judith Alice DE HUNTINGDON+

Spouse Children
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 1136 Place: Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Death 1176 Place: Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Burial   Place: Godstow Nunnery, Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, England

b. c. 1140
d. c. 1176
also spelled ROSAMUND, byname THE FAIR ROSAMOND, a mistress of Hen ry II of England. She was the subject of many legends and stories.
Rosamond is believed to have been the daughter of Walter de Clifford of t he family of Fitz-Ponce. She is said to have been Henry's mistress secret ly for several years but was openly acknowledged by him only when he impri soned his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, as a punishment for encouraging h er sons in the rebellion of 1173-74. Rosamond died in or about 1176 and w as buried in the nunnery church of Godstow before the high altar. The bo dy was removed by order of St. Hugh, bishop of Lincoln, in 1191 and was, s eemingly, reinterred in the chapter house.

The story that she was poisoned by Queen Eleanor first appears in the Fren ch Chronicle of London in the 14th century. The romantic details of the la byrinth at Woodstock, including the clue that guided King Henry II to h er bower, were the inventions of storywriters of later times. The re is no evidence to support the popular belief that she was the moth er of Henry's natural son William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury.

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