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Individual Record for: Symon Symonse GROOT (male)

  Symon DE GROOT       
Symon Symonse GROOT      Family Record  

Spouse Children
  (Family Record)
Abraham GROOT
Philip GROOT
Cornelis GROOT
Susanna GROOT
Rebecca GROOT
Cornelis GROOT
Elizabeth GROOT

Event Date Details
Birth 1628 Place: Holland
World Family Tree Vol. 8, Ed. 1
Death AFT 1699
World Family Tree Vol. 8, Ed. 1
Immigrated from Holland in 1631 to Beverwyck; settled in Schenectad y; in
service of Dutch West Indian Co.; boatswain on "Prince Maurice," he
b ought a house and lot in New Amsterdam in 1645 but soon afterward moved
to Be verwyck; owned island in Mohawk River, 1667; carried prisoner to
Canada, 1690 , with five of his sons - all of them except Cornelis; signed
oath of allegia nce, 1699.
(Information from "The Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol. IV" a nd
from the Lawsing-Magnuson family history.)
The International Genealogy In dex lists the spelling of his name as
"Groat.," but this is the more likely s pelling.
The Association of Philippe DuTrieux Descendants does not include Sym on
Groot as being taken prisoner by the French and Indians on the night of
February 8, 1690, when his sons were taken to Canada. The boys were
returned the next year.
Patricia A. Truax gives 1628 as the year of his birth, but thi s seems to
be pretty late if he bought property is 1645. She also gives 1699 as the
year of his death.
Various records say that he came to America in 16 31, which means that he
was probably brought over by his father. However, th ere is little record
of his father and none of his mother.
Since his father had the same name as he, and since the records which
report his arrival in Am erica make no mention of his being a child,
thereby seeming to imply that he was not, it seems to me that it is quite
possible that he was actually born i n 1602, and that there is one less
generation in the family line than Patrici a A. Truax indicates.
Much of this information comes from Patricia A. Truax, w hose research
seems to be fairly rife with errors, so this possibility seems quite
reasonable to me. She traces the de Groot line back to about 1220, bu t
every entry until 1628, save one, is "about." Further, she gives his
pla ce of birth as Schenectady, which contradicts all other research,
which have him arriving in America in 1631. In another place, however,
she contradicts herself by saying that he probably came to America as
boatswain on the "Princ e Maurice" and decided to stay. If he had been
born in 1602, he could have d one this in 1631; if he was born in 1628, it
would not have been in Schenecta dy, but he could have come on the ship at
a much later date.
I am inclined t o believe that it is more likely that he is the Symon who
was born in 1602 an d who came to America in 1631, but the records seem to
be sketchy enough to m ake it impossible to prove any of this, one way or
the other.

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