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Individual Record for: William I MARSHALL (male)

    Gilbert Fitzrobert MARSHALL+
  John Fitzgilbert MARSHALL      Family Record
William I MARSHALL      Family Record Unknown DE VENUZ+
  Sybil De Salisbury DE EVEREUX      Family Record
    Sybil DE CHAWORTH+

Spouse Children
Margaret DE QUINCY
  (Family Record)
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 1146 Place: Caversham, England
Death 14 MAY 1219 Place: Caversham, London, England
Burial   Place: Temple Church, London, England

Attribute Details
Title Earl

d. 1219, English nobleman. He became (1170) a guardian of Prince Henry, el dest son of Henry II, and supported him in his abortive rebellion (1173?7 4) against his father. After the prince?s death (1183), however, he we nt on crusade for the king. Upon the accession (1189) of Richard I, Marsh al married Isabella, heiress of Richard de Clare, 2d earl of Pembroke, a nd took her titles, thereby becoming 1st earl of Pembroke in the Marshal l ine. During Richard I?s absence from England, Marshal supported the king ?s brother John against William of Longchamp but helped thwart John?s 11 93 rebellion. Once John became king, however, the earl supported him and w as one of his counselors at Runnymede. Elected regent for the young Hen ry III by the barons in 1216, Marshal successfully waged war against the i nvading Prince Louis (later Louis VIII) of France and by a firm policy tow ard recalcitrant barons secured a relatively stable kingdom.

See S. Painter, William Marshal (1933, repr. 1967).

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b. c. 1146
d. May 14, 1219, Caversham, Berkshire, Eng.
also called WILLIAM THE MARSHAL, marshal and then regent of England who se rved four English monarchs as a royal adviser and agent and as a warri or of outstanding prowess.
Marshal's father, John (FitzGilbert) the Marshal (d. 1165), fought for t he empress Matilda (widow of the German emperor Henry V and daughter of He nry I of England) in her unsuccessful struggle to gain the throne of her c ousin King Stephen (reigned 1135-54). After proving his bravery in warfa re and in tournaments, Marshal became a guardian (1170) to Prince Henry, e ldest son of King Henry II (reigned 1154-89). In 1187, four years after t he prince's death, Marshal reentered Henry II's service and fought besi de him in France until the king died in 1189.

Upon the accession of Henry's third son, Richard I the Lion-Heart (reign ed 1189-99), Marshal married Isabel, the heiress of Richard FitzGilbert ( or de Clare), Earl of Pembroke, thereby acquiring vast estates in Englan d, Normandy, Wales, and Ireland. Richard set forth on a crusade in 1190, l eaving William Longchamp in charge of the kingdom. In the following year P embroke joined the opposition that drove Longchamp into exile. While Richa rd was held captive in Germany (1192-94), Pembroke struggled to prevent t he king's brother, John, from seizing power in England.

Upon the death of Richard I in 1199, Pembroke helped John succeed peaceful ly to the throne; he was formally recognized as Earl of Pembroke. By 12 13 he had become the king's closest adviser, and he remained loyal to Jo hn during the disputes with the barons that led to the signing of the char ter of liberties known as Magna Carta (June 1215). John died during the en suing civil war with the barons, who had invited Louis of France (later Ki ng Louis VIII) to be their king. Designated rector regis et regni ("govern or of the king and of the kingdom") for John's son, King Henry III, Pembro ke defeated the English barons and French invaders and in September 1217 c oncluded a treaty with Louis that wisely granted amnesty to the rebellio us barons.

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