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Individual Record for: Jonathan AUSTIN (male)

     Full Name: Jonathan AUSTIN Sr.

    Isaac AUSTIN+
  David AUSTIN      Family Record
Jonathan AUSTIN      Family Record Rhodinah VAUGHN+
  Mercy SLADE      Family Record

Spouse Children
unknown spouse
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 13 DEC 1800 Place: Hartford, Washington, New York, USA
Death 6 MAY 1836 Place: Moreau, Saratoga, New York, USA

Jonathan Austin, sought the new lands across the Hudson for his home an d built a homestead northeast of the crossroads at Reynolds Corners. Hi s land adjoined the cemetery, for which it is said he gave an acre. He h ad various transactions, buying and selling lands in the neighborhood a nd was associated with George Reynolds in running the store at the Corn ers. He also resided at Moreau.

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