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Individual Record for: V PEPIN (male)

    Charlemagne I CHARLES+
  I LOUIS      Family Record
V PEPIN      Family Record Hildegarde DE SWABIA+
  Ermengarde DE HESBAYE      Family Record
    Hedwig DE BAVARIA

Spouse Children
unknown spouse
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 0797 Place: Casseneuil, France
Death 13 DEC 0833  

Attribute Details
Title King
Louis the Pious became Frankish Emperor in 814 with no rivals to the thron e. He had three sons, Lothar, Pepin, and Louis. In 817, Lothar was made co -Emperor with his father and King of Italy to replace Bernard, Pepin ma de King of Aquitaine, and Louis made King of Bavaria. In 823, Louis had an other son, Charles, this one by a new wife (the mother of the 3 brothers h ad died). Louis tried desperately to work Charles in as a successor, but t he three brothers fought him everytime he tried to reform his will. Aft er much conflict, Emperor Louis dropped Lothar's imperial title in 829 a nd sent
him off to Italy. The next year the brothers attacked, reinstated Lothar w ith his imperial title, and had Judith, the mother of Charles, sent o ff to a nunnery. By 831, Louis had regained his power, brought back his wi fe, and again dropped Lothar's titles, this time all of them, and refus ed him to return to court ever again without permission. That year Pepin r evolted. In 832, Louis of Bavaria joined Pepin, and the Emperor Louis decl aired Pepin deposed of all royal titles but he had no power to enforce th is declairation, so Pepin continued to rule. In 833, the three again attac ked with support from Louis's own generals and from Pope Gregory IV himsel f. They imprisoned their father and brother, and exiled Judith to Italy un der watch of Lothar, and Louis and Pepin gained territory. The next yea r, however, Louis and Pepin released their father and brother, brought ba ck his wife, and peace was made. In 835, Louis was re-crowned Emperor wi th great pomp. Pepin died in 838, and while Louis tried to have Charles cr owned king in Aquitaine, the nobles crowned Pepin's son Pepin II. Neith er had the authority to rule in the country. In 840, Louis the Pious die d, and the three surviving brothers began a civil war for the divisi on of the Empire.

Notes Source: bulkeley.txt

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