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Individual Record for: I LOUIS (male)

  Charlemagne I CHARLES      Family Record
I LOUIS      Family Record Bertrada DE LAON+
  Hildegarde DE SWABIA      Family Record

Spouse Children
Ermengarde DE HESBAYE
  (Family Record)
Adelaide DE TOURS
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 7 AUG 0778 Place: Casseneuil, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France
Birth 7 AUG 0778 Place: Casseneuil, Lot-et-Garonne, France
Birth 7 AUG 0778 Place: Garrone, France
Death 20 JUN 0840 Place: Ingelheim, Mainz, Germany
Death 20 JUN 0840  
Burial   Place: Metz, Germany Emperor 814-840

Attribute Details
Title Emperor

King of Aquitaine 781-814
Co-Emperor 813-814
King of the Franks 8 14-840
Frankish Emperor 814-840
Louis was crowned king of Aquitaine (subkingd om to Franks) in 781 to sl ow rebellion after Charlemagne's defeat in Spain by the Saracen Moslem s. In 793, the Saracens invaded Aquitaine under their Caliph Hisham. In 79 5, the Spanish March was created with William as its Count. T he next yea r, King Louis and Count William defeated the Saracens and secured the Fran kish-held areas of NE Spain. They continued to fight the Saracens u ntil 8 13, when all of Navarre was conquered by William and Louis. In 806, Charle magne wrote in his will that his sons Louis, Charles (co-King of the Fran ks ), and Pepin (King of Italy) would divide the Empire on his death. Pep in died in 810, and Charles followed in 811. In 813, Byzantine nobles ca me to Charle magne to recognize him as Emperor (he was 69 years old), a nd so he ordered Louis to come from Aquitaine to be crowned co-Emperor a nd designated successor. When Charlemagne died in 814, Louis succeed ed to all thrones. Louis put his son Pepin on the throne of Aquitaine, ma de Lothar co-Emperor, and made Louis his son King of Bavaria. Louis the Pi ous first reformed the court in a "moral purge," sending all of the unmarr ied princessess to nunneries and sending Charlemagne's three illegitima te sons to monasteries. He then put down a rebellion in Italy. When his wi fe died, he remarried and had a son, Charles, in 823. In all of his wil ls he had made his three sons Pepin of Aquitaine, Louis of Bavaria, and Lo thar his co-Emperor, successors. When Charles was born, he tried desperate ly to include him. In 829, he dropped Lothar's imperial title and sent h im off to Italy. The next year the three brother united and attacked , for cing their father to abdicate, Lothar to be given back his imperial titl e, and Judith to be sent off to a nunnery. By the next year, Louis had re- gained his power, brought back his wife, dropped Lothar completely from t he will, replaced him with Charles, and refused to allow Lothar to ever re turn to court without permission.

That year Pepin revolted on his own. Louis of Bavari a followed the next y ear and they both attacked. Emperor Louis declaired that Pepin was formal ly deposed of his titles, but he could not enforce this orde r. In 833, t he three brothers gained support from Pope Gregory IV and many of the Empe ror Louis's own generals. Lothar made a settlement: Louis and Char les we re imprisoned, Judith sent in exile to Italy under eye of Lothar, and L ou is of Bavaria and Pepin were to gain territory (formerly under imperial a ut hority). The next year, however, Pepin and Louis of Bavaria released th eir fa ther and brother from jail, Judith was brother back, and peace w as made. The next year Louis was re-crowned with great pomp. In 838, Pep in died and Louis put Charles on the throne of Aquitaine. The nobles, howe ver, put Pepin's son Pepin II on the throne, and neither held authorit y. In 840, Louis died, and t he brothers started a civil war over the Empi re's division that lasted until peace wasfinally made in 843.

Louis I, pronounced LOO ee, LOO ihs, or lwee (778-840), also called Lou is the Pious, succeeded his father, Charlemagne, as ruler of a vast Europe an empire in 814. The empire, based in present-day France, also included l arge parts of what are now Germany and Italy as well as other areas. Charl emagne had built and expanded the empire by conquering much of western Eur ope.

Louis was born in Chasseneuil, France. He was unable to pursue further exp ansion because of Viking and Muslim raids, internal revolts, and divisio ns among the nobility. In 830, a civil war broke out over how the empire s hould be divided among Louis's four sons. During the struggle, Louis was r emoved from the throne temporarily, from 833 to 834. Civil war, Louis's in decisiveness, and other problems gradually weakened government authority a nd helped cause the empire to break apart after Louis's death.

Notes Source: bulkeley.txt

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